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Istanbul 2013

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Brock and Steph.  Something Hitchcock about this frame. 

by Mclean Stephenson

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Hamburg, Barmbek

by Peter Mandelkow

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patrickjoust | flickr | tumblr | facebook | books

Olympus XA

Kodak Gold 400

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Wim Wenders/ Street Corner, Butte, Montana/ 2003/ Part of “Places, Strange and Quiet”/ Exhibition at Deichtorhallen (Hamburg).

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Wim Wenders /Dinosaurs and Family/ California/ 1983/ Part of “Places, Strange and Quiet”/ Exhibition at Deichtorhallen (Hamburg).

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Thomas Billhardt/ Soviet Union/ c1960s.

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Walter Cartier training, Greenwich Village, 1948

Stanley Kubrick

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Howard Beach Station, New York

Steven Siegel

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NY in the 80s 77 (by Steven Siegel)

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Emptiness attraction

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Man walking on subway car wall 2, Steven Siegel

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Piero Roi - from the series “Raising Chants”, 2013

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